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Software Development

Telearc technologies designs, develops and delivers high-performance web applications and sites for innovative and disruptive clients across the globe. Our enterprise software development solutions are designed with architectural principles based around robustness, scalability and extensibility in mind to serve both business and user needs, now and in the longer term. Custom Development Solutions

Our custom software development process is based on leading coding standards and good practice, and underpinned by our proven Agile framework to give you end-to-end visibility and total trust in what we do.

Software Product Development

We use a variety of modern, well-supported programming languages and technologies, alongside proven libraries and tools, to aid development efficiency and speed.

Application Maintenance Services

Our large-scale, enterprise platforms are typically built using Hexagonal Architecture principles, breaking the application down into two key layers, the domain layer and the application layer.

Legacy App Migration

We, at Telearc technologies, have been actively involved in Legacy Application Modernization and Interface Development for global enterprise clients.

Enterprise App Integration

We are experts in unifying databases, applications and legacy systems across your enterprise. We provide state of the art integration solutions using new generation frameworks, cutting edge technologies, components, processes, best practices and industry experts.

MVP/ POC Development

We understand that the work done during the prototyping phase can make or break a blockchain project. That’s why we offer a suite of enterprise blockchain services designed specifically to help projects navigate through the prototyping stage