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Artificial Intelligence

The data engineers and developers working at Telearc technologies build Artificial Intelligence solutions for creating a cohesive and sustainable AI-driven ecosystem for businesses of all sizes - startups, SMEs and enterprise-wide businesses.

Machine Learning

We provide machine learning solutions to our clients and empower them to interpret and manage complex data and helps them identify and figure out trends and patterns.

Natural Language Processing

We develop intelligent solutions that efficiently understand what people will speak in their natural style and gives an exact interpretation of the text. The intelligent software solutions also help you understand consumer sentiments by providing you with deep insights to act accordingly.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We develop RPA solutions to automate and streamline workflows, including extracting data from structured and semi-structured documents, moving files and folders, copying and pasting data, making calculations, scraping browsers and more to allow for superior flexibility within an enterprise.

Chatbot Development

Go beyond SIRI and Google Assistance; Telearc technologies helps you develop smart, self-learning scalable chatbot applications that relinquish a human-like experience by using AI and Machine Learning technologies.